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World war 1 The Great War

I will run a scenario during world war 1, The Great War and I am looking for good pictures for the atmosphere 1916-1917 in the Verdun area. When looking on internet it’s hard to know if it’s the right uniform and from the right time. 

  1. Especially of soldiers from American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)  and french soldiers and their camps 
  2. Military camps
  3. French people
  4. Military nurses
  5. Verdun, Houdelaincourt, Gondrecourt, Domrémy-la-Pucelle, Bazoille-sur-Meuse (the American's 18th Base Hospital), Colline du Mort-Homme (Dead Man's Hill), 
  6. Maps over towns and military camps
  7. French Berliet truck

Somebody who can help med were to find it. (I have bought Chaosiums “No mans land”)



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Also google for US Service of Supply in WW1 (service of supply was basically in the rear where infrastructure like this would be). The AEF wasn't in France in 1917 except for about 4 divisions. (For AEF, 42 US divisions will have gone to France in WW1 almost all being there in 1918... too late for Verdun). Also search for Salvation Army, Red Cross and YMCA in WW1 and you'll find some great pics as well. 

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