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New RQG Design Note - layout has begun

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I think Chaosium are changing through the gears really well with what I've seen so far of the art direction for RQG.  There's a compelling mix of styles (all excellent in their own right) which seems to me to work better then anything I've seen before. Really like the idea of bringing art into the character sheet, all adds to an immersive experience. The imagery is bringing it back to fun of RQ2 for me - The style of the helm, the old school coinage, the exotic ancient cityscape, and of course a great Wyrm...great stuff!


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Will there be a version of the character sheet available without artwork?  Because to me that looks like it will be really, really hard to read whatever numbers are pencilled in.

I'm not fond of whole chunks of the sheet being rendered unusable by artwork.  Many a (used) CharSheet I've seen over the years (for a variety of game systems) has small but important notes scribbled into corners all over the place.  I don't see "nice art", I see "wasted space that I can't write notes into".


EDIT: Never mind, just saw the other thread where it's mentioned that the option of "plain" character sheets will be there.  Excellent!

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