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Tribal Source Editing: Griffin Mountain

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To get the show on the road: 


Page iii

Any questions or comments concerning these scenarios may be directed to Chaosium Inc.


Page v

worked on (watch closely gang, as the snowball gets rolled down the hill).


Page 8

There were a few clashes with trolls or elves, but life was little changed from the days when Balazar’s sons ruled there.


He was driven out before Time began by his foes,


Page 13

than five knockback attacks (assuming average dogs) per round, coming in at SR 8,[space]9, 10, 11, and 12.

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Well regards page V - Blue Bird.

There is an issue with the spells and Int of his Allied Spirit - Blood - spells known are listed as Bludgeon 4 Dispel Magic 6 Mindspeech yet Blood's Int is listed as 9 the spell total 11. I do note the Bound Spirit is given an Int of 11but only Strength Coordination Detect Magic. Should the spell listing be swapped or the Int values swapped or?

Also Blue Bird's "weapon stats" look like something is missing - 2H Staff, Self Bow and Large Shield???? Can't use the shield with the first two so? Perhaps as "sword sage" there is a sword (or other 1H combat weapon missing)??

Later we are told Bluebird is a 25 yr old Esrolian from the New Crystal City - BUT he speaks Esrolian at only 35% and can't read or write it??

His right up certainly implies he's been in Balazar for a while seeking information but a sage who hasn't learnt any of the language?




Edited by Furry Fella
error correction

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Page ii - the clash of fonts between column one and column two, sans serif vs serif, doesn't look pleasant. 

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I will have an updated version of the whole book available in a few days. It might be a better use of all our time if we hold off on edits until then.

We can still use this thread, of course.

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