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What does AP mean in hit locations?


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On 17/02/2018 at 6:13 PM, Silas1066 said:

When using the hit locations option in BRP, what does "AP" mean on the character sheet?

I see HP, but below that I also see AP

The significant bit here is that its an annoying error in the rules (4ed BGB). Armour Value (AV) is the term used throughout the rules until it gets to the equipment tables. Then it switches to AP and says on page 261:


AP: The amount the armor protects.

So AP = Armour Protection. But no. Later under shields on page 264 it says


AP/HP: This is the shield’s armor point value as well as its hit point value.So AP = armour point value.

Armour Value isn't listed in the Index, but a single entry on Armour Points is!

In the end they are the same thing. Like you, it was picked up by a few of my players who couldn't see what it was as they read all about Armour Values.


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On 2/17/2018 at 10:33 AM, seneschal said:

"Armor Points" or how much protection that body part has.  A black leather jacket might give 2 AP to a character's torso, for instance

Presumably 4 hit-locations on the "standard" hit-location table -- chest, abdomen, R-arm, L-arm

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4 hours ago, Atgxtg said:

The significant bit here is that once you use hit locations not all the locations will necessarily be equally armored.


For instance, if your arm is "disabled" from HP-loss, it dangles limply, but you can still run away (or fight with one arm).  If your head is "disabled" from HP-loss, you are unconscious (or to disoriented to do anything, even defend yourself).

Helmets are usually the single best-armored location an adventurer can afford; closely followed by the chest and the abdomen:  people stop breathing when their chest is disabled, and guts spilling out onto the ground (or bleeding into the body-cavity) is a "disabled" abdomen.


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