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Cult of Chaos Scenario Competition 2018 Winners

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The months of writing and refining is done.  The judging is complete.

I'm pleased to announce the winning scenarios from the Cult of Chaos Scenario Writing Contest 2018.

Back in November we invited pitches for scenarios to run at gaming conventions. We received over 100 pitches, and from these we invited 12 writers to go through to the second round to write a full scenario for final judging. There were plenty of cool ideas, spread across the 1920s, 1930s, Gaslight, Down Darker Trails, and Modern-day, and we had fun reading over the submissions.

I'm pleased to announce that the follow scenarios and their writers are the 2018 winners. We will be releasing these for convention play in two steps: the first four during the summer 2018 convention season, the next three in 2019.

2018 Releases

Wailing Women by David Larkins

Sheriff Isaiah Rinehart and his posse find themselves in the mountain town of Atocha while on the hunt for an escaped fugitive. The Spanish-speaking inhabitants are so friendly. But why do all of the women wear mourning dresses? Are they concealing the criminal, or do they have their own secrets? Set in 1876 New Mexico Territory and tying in with Down Darker Trails (no knowledge of this supplement needed to play.)

The Outlaws of Desolation Peak by Jonathan Meadows

1871 New Mexico Territory. Pinkerton agents have been sent to kill or capture the notorious outlaw Black Jack Ketchum by the Twin Mining Company. It is time to stop the depredations his gang have played on the miners and ore shipments. But he isn't so easy to find, the investigators discover. Set in the Old West and ties in with Down Darker Trails (no knowledge of this supplement needed). Uses the Pulp Cthulhu rules (will be taught at table). Pre gens provided.

Deirdre of the Sorrows by Kevin Schlipper

Returning the the scene of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Dublin, the investigators soon discover that these events are all echoed in another world, one they become trapped in. But do events in this echo also affect the real world? Classic 1920s Cthulhu. 

Ides of Winter by Padraic Barrett

Soon after arriving by train in Northumberland, the investigators are embroiled in a mysterious death at a local pub. But even once that is solved, mysterious events and the appearance of ghosts lead them to believe more is afoot. Classic 1920s Cthulhu.

2019 Releases

Blood Orgy on Vampire Island by James Thompson III

Following an unexpected storm, the investigators must survive on a wild and abandoned island. Pulp Cthulhu.

The Shooting Party by Jonathan Mosedale

As a storm traps well-to-do hunters at a lodge in the English countryside, anachronistic apportations begin appearing portending a doom yet to come. Classic 1920s Cthulhu.

The Search for Brian Boru By Shannon MacNamara

Aerfin the Druid promises that the Sidhe can raise your great-grandfather, Irish king Brian Boru, and return your family to the prosperity that was lost when he was deposed. But will you sacrifice all to go on this mad quest the Sidhe demand? Cthulhu Dark Ages.


Congratulations to the winning writers! And many thanks to everyone who took part.

We hope to see everyone developing their writing talents in the future, and possibly contributing to the Miskatonic Repository in due course.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

Mike Mason

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