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Characteristics Point Redistribution

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To me, the rule on p. 16 about characteristic point redistribution that reads, "If you wish, redistribute up to 3 points between your characteristics." might have different interpretations. Assuming a hypothetical character with 10 in all characteristics, which of the following is true:

  1. I can have an INT 13 character by taking 2 points from STR and 1 point from CON. No more redistribution can happen because 3 points have been transferred.
  2. I can make a STR 19 character by taking 3 points each from INT, APP, DEX. As long as I'm not shifting more than 3 points out of any characteristic it's fine.
  3. Multiple characteristics can be higher than 10 but no characteristic can be greater than 13 nor lower than 7.

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I've always run and played (back to early 90s with Elric! where you could only boost Pow in such a way) upto 3 points from any ONE characteristic to any other ONE characteristic.

Re-reading the rules, I'm not quite sure why so strict an interpretation.

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