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Miskatonic Monday: New Stuff

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New at the Miskatonic Repository!


Check out these recent community content releases at the Miskatonic Repository:


The Knife - Michael LaBossiere (pay what you want - suggested price $0.50)
"...pits the intrepid investigators against a serial killer. Is the killer a mundane murderer or something more?"

A Light in Darkness - Matthew Puccio ($4.99)
"A dark, survival horror scenario for Call of Cthulhu, set in the Pacific Theatre during World War II."

The Man Downstairs - Adam Gauntlet ($4.00)
"The tenants at 224 Lenox Avenue, between W 121st and W122nd, New York City, have a neighbour they have never met, and never knew existed until a few weeks ago, yet he has always been there..."

The Kirkwood Farmhouse Massacre - Fred Love ($1.99)
"Something terrifyingly evil awaits among the ruins of the old Kirkwood farmhouse. It'll take a cunning team of investigators to uncover the truth behind the gruesome murders that took place there in 1924."

Check out Reviews from R'lyeh's review: "Murder expose takes The Haunting to Iowa—and beyond (via a slippery slope)!"

Drawn from the Dark - Michael Nagel ($8.95)
"An anthology of adventures from both the 1920s and Modern eras."


Mike's Free Mythos Maps Collection #1 - Michael LaBossiere (free)
"A collection of twenty maps suitable for 1920s and contemporary Call of Cthulhu adventures."

INDIGO: A Time Travel Organisation - Carl Matthews ($5.00)
"Inspired by HPL's The Shadow Out Of Time, INDIGO is a new organisation for Call Of Cthulhu."

Miskatonic Repository Samurai Weapons of Feudal Japan - Carl Matthews ($1.00)
"If you are playing a game of Call of Cthulhu set in the Sengoku Period of feudal Japan, what is more iconic than the weapons available to the samurai?"

Miskatonic Repository Samurai - Occupations and monsters adapted to Feudal Japan - Carl Matthews ($5.00)
"Several occupations for Samuari, and monsters adapted to the Sengoku Period of Japan, for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition."

Goliriad the Speaker: An Eldritch Abomination For Mountains and Caves - Tristan Jusola-Sanders ($0.99)
"...stats and evocative descriptions of one Deity-level threat and two servitors"

The Kirkwood Farmhouse Investigation - Fred Love (free)
"A companion piece to The Kirkwood Farmhouse Massacre - use this document to provide extra clues and context before unleashing the terror that awaits in the old Kirkwood farmhouse."


And since our announcement that all languages are now welcome at the Miskatonic Repository, it's great to see it happening already:

Kara Büyü - Setting Dökümanı (Turkish) - Ekin Ergün ($2.49)
"A Turkish setting for Call of Cthulhu"


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Four new titles on the Miskatonic Repository: an adventure, an update, a sequel, and an all new genre for Call of Cthulhu:

New titles on Misk R 1 May

Anime Punk - A New Genre for Call of Cthulhu by Carl Matthews ($10.00, 32 page PDF)
"Whether you like your anime with demons and supernatural elements or just straight up modern dystopia in your Cyberpunk games, it’s likely that Call of Cthulhu can help you hit that sweet spot."

Hocus Pocus by Adam Gauntlet ($4.00, 22 page PDF)
"pits the investigators against minions of an Outer God, and all of New York may be forfeit if they fail." 
(nb a sequel to The Man Downstairs, but players do not have to have played that scenario to enjoy this one.)

New Titles on Misk R 2

The Scarecrow by Michael LaBossiere (pay what you want - suggested price $0.99, 14 page PDF)
"...a time for mysterious murders and scarecrow legends"

Down New England Town by Michael LaBossiere (pay what you want - suggested price $0.99, 7 page PDF)
"Resembling a plot line from one of his classic horror movies, the body of director Roger Colwin has been stolen from a church in New England..." 
(nb complete rewrite and update of the 1992 original adventure)

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Our Miskatonic Repository community content site at DTRPG features all sorts of awesome material for Call of Cthulhu by independent creators. But Nicholas Johnson's 'Alone Against the Tide' is the first solo adventure to be uploaded there. It's in the same vein as our own 'Alone Against the Dark' or 'Alone Against the Flames'. Well worth checking out!



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