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Here's the new (and final) logo for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

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This is the new (and final) logo for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha!


In our latest RuneQuest Designer's Notes, Jason goes through the "logorrhea of logos" the game has had in its storied 40 year history, and how we went back to basics to create a logo with "an old world feeling but was relatively clean and not artificially weathered or aged". And here it is.

Read more from Jason here: 


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@Jason Durall's design notes are excellent and leads us through the complex array of historical design and current thinking. I look forward to the complete cover as currently this has the feeling of w

I would honestly rather not see one. 

This is the new (and final) logo for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha! In our latest RuneQuest Designer's Notes, Jason goes through the "logorrhea of logos" the game has had in its storie

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I really like this. As I don't recognise the face, is it hand-drawn?* (That would always have been my suggestion, though a more difficult choice to execute well.) There's a lovely art nouveau aspect to the display face, and the main point of departure that draws the eyes—the 's'—brings to mind a trail or river, which is entirely appropriate. Very nice!

*Edit: Having read the design notes I see that is. Lovely.

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A rogue dissenter here (or a 'rouge dissenter' as I first mistyped!). The RuneQuest font and colour, and the black background just doesn't grab me. Also, it's odd to see no red in there. 

The Runes and Font for Roleplaying in Glorantha look good.

Joint third in my list of RQ Logos (2nd Ed, RQ3, RQ Quickstarter). 

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9 minutes ago, jongjom said:

Why "Roleplaying in Glorantha" when the game's name is RuneQuest: Glorantha?

Would it not make things simpler and easier to just have one name for the game? 

We have been abbreviating it online that way, but it was announced as RQ:RPiG and AFAIK that has been the official name ever since...

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Personally, I'm ENTIRELY unenthusiastic about this; nothing I object to, but not exciting.

But that's fine.  I'm gonna buy this sucker the moment I can...  suatmm !

It's wholly functional, recognizable, does the job.

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1 hour ago, deleriad said:

I like it. Two things though. One is that it keeps reminding me of ElfQuest. I think it's the e's. The other is that the Quickstart logo is still my favourite. This is about my second joint favourite along with AH RQ3. 

My first response as well.  Probably because of the E's.

Image result for elfquest

Personally I liked much about the typeface used on the free RPG day version.  (although that lacked the - necessary in my view - rune bar) Maybe it was too specifically Nordic in implication?

Let's be honest, "RUNES" in the modern vernacular have unavoidably Norse connotations and they wanted to veer from that?  Or maybe that's just because I'm in MN and Nordic culture here is pretty dominant.

I liked percolator too, but agree that it's too connected to WoD visually now.

I can ignore the E's and I don't know that Elfquest is much of a recognized property to anyone but dinosaurs.  I don't understand the point of the highly-stylized S though.  That just sort of sticks out.


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That’s beautiful.

I think the subheading “Roleplaying In Glorantha” looks a lot better than just Glorantha, which would either need to be the same size as RuneQuest, or would have to be tucked underneath it with some kind of padding on either side. Either option would look ungainly.

Add me to those that was reminded of ElfQuest, although it’s only a subtle echoing. I keep thinking I’ve seen an RQ or related product with that or a very similar font before, but can’t pin it down. I take that as a good sign.

Simon Hibbs

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I quite like the new logo a lot quite a lot, and yes it is a bit ElfQuesty but it is much better than the previous design logo, which felt like a MMO game logo rather than a weighty game like RQ.

This logo does have a classic 1980s fantasy feel to it for me, however I greatly prefer this to the last one that felt like the Mongoose logo.

So this is a big step up from that. I'll certainly be very happy to see the RQG line embossed with this new logo posted at the start of this thread.

However I think I still prefer the more ancient looking logo from the RQG Quickstart.

Actually the one that wasn't used for the Quickstart is also quite good, it references RQ3 but looks more evocative: 



However I just feel that the official RQ Quickstart logo still works better and find it difficult to see why it isn't being used.

It captures the iconic RQ2 feel, tells you that this is an ancient world setting, and looks fresh at the same time. If it had a 'rune border' then it would have looked any better.

So while I am very happy with the new logo, the RQ Quickstart logo just works better for me:

Image result for runequest quickstart pdf


So I really would prefer one of the logos I have posted here, or a variation of such. I just think they were both spot on.

However the new logo will look very nice on a black spine. So it's a big win over the MRQ feel of the previous one. It also captures a 'sensible, mature' look, which I think will suit the audience as well.

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My favorite is also the Quickstart logo - which I thought harkened back nicely to the RQ2 logo.

But this seems very workable, and though different, reminds me of the RQ3 logo - something that will be recognizable whether large or small, color or b/w.

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I'll say that the quickstart logo was good but liking this one. It's more basic but is quick to grow on a person. I'm also assuming it is going to be color changed for different covers but if not, works just as well.

Thanks for ditching the second one though. That seemed a wreck. 

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So glad Chaosium went back to the drawing board on this one. For me this captures the spirit of the game very well. It’s a pleasing strong design...phew! 

I did have a *moment* of ElfQuest, but that is minor, and the thoughtful strong design is winning through. I like the stylised S, with its rightly or wrongly ancient (greek ?) association. 

The QuickStart remains a lovely logo, but the new one works very well too. Great. ...Thank F**k for that! 

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Um... Really?

I like the layout, the color works on a black background. And should work on a book cover if it is a black cover. Over a piece of artwork without a background (going from tradition here) not so much.

And the main title font... you need a new font.


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The RQ- lettering looks really bad. The font is ugly and the gradient coloring makes it look cheap and homemade.

The two that Mankham mentions above is by far the best ones, in my opionion, though I like the first one, the one that wasn't used, the best. It's fantastic actually. The only things that doesn't work well on that one are the runes and the subtitle, but that could have been solved.

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