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Fenix Awards: Vote for Pete Nash & M-SPACE!


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Both Pete Nash and M-SPACE scenario REFLUX are nominated in Fenix Magazine’s 2018 Fenix Awards. 
Pete is nominated both as best writer and for best scenario in Fenix.
REFLUX is nominated for best scenario/supplement.
Help us spread the word about Mythras by voting in the survey. There's a bit of Swedish involved, but not much (you need to provide your email, first name and last name, then you’re good to go). If you have no idea what products you like in a category, just leave it empty.
From the organizers:
"Fenix Awards coming up!
We have now opened our survey, where we ask Fenix’ readers to help us select the best from the Swedish roleplaying scene in 2017, in categories covering everything from different kind of gaming products to game pods and the people designing games. The survey closes on Tuesday March 27th – followed by the Award Show on Good Friday 7 p.m. at the Swedish gaming convention GothCon. You can find the survey at: 
Thanks for participating!

Tove & Anders"


1683589267_frostbyteloggaFsvarttiny2.jpg.22ebd7480630737e74be9c2c9ed8039f.jpg   FrostByte Books

M–SPACE   d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future

Odd Soot  Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

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