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Nochet - pronunciation


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15 minutes ago, Psullie said:

How do you pronounce Nochet? Hard C, silent C, silent T, long O, short O...

Know - che?
Naugh che?
No het?


"Not yet", as in "Do you know the name of this metropolis in Esrolia?"

Along with Corflu one of the more fancy ways of naming in Glorantha.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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In the the first age before the God-learner word processor laser printer quests there were mechanical contraptions called duplicators which in practise required application of correction fluid to fix errors mistakenly cut into stencils. It was often referred to as cor-flu. Anyway, I was wearing an onion on my belt with was the fashion at the time...

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25 minutes ago, jrutila said:

Please, can someone explain this Corflu thing? I tried but really don't get it.

Corflu is a common shorthand for Correction Fluid.  Hence the comment:



It was named after
the wife of Tolkazzi; who is unknown to history
except through her husband’s compliment that, “she
corrects all my mistakes, treading upon my life and
erasing the errors I’ve made from my weary mind.”

Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

I think the name comes about because the bay which the Zola Fel runs into was originally known as Christian's Bay (Greg promised Wolm Church to name the bay after his new child and Wilm called the kid Christian Church).  You can see the name on the map of Genertela in the 1st edition Nomad Gods rulebookl PDF p67.  My thinking is that after a few days Greg wrote Corflu! and an arrow mark to the legend "Christian's Bay" with the intention to erase it.  But it looked like he had named a town...

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19 hours ago, jrutila said:

Please, can someone explain this Corflu thing? I tried but really don't get it.

Correction Fluid, aka "corflu" was mainly used back in the days of typewriters. It is called Tippex in the UK. It is also referred to as White-out and Liquid Paper.

In the early days of RuneQuest, around 1975 and 1978, Greg put the names of a number of the WB&RM contributors and RQ playtesters as the names of cities and towns on the William Church maps of the Dragon pass and Prax boardgames. They include such places as Pimper's Block (Jeff Pimper), Wilm's Church (William Church), Jonstown (Bill Johnson), Tada's High Tumulus (Tadashi Ehara), Biggle Stone (Clint Bigglestone), Swenstown (Steve Swenston), Tourney Altar (Art and Ray Turney), Cam's Well (Cam Stafford), Hender's Ruins (Steve Henderson), Hendriki (Hendrik Pfeifer), and of course Duck Point.

Duck Point was named by Greg's co-publisher of Wyrd magazine, Brian Crist. Brian was a huge fan of Carl Barks, author/artist of Donald Duck comics from 1942 to 1966, and inventor of most of the characters in the strip. ("I'm a big Barks fan too," said Greg, "Want me to list the characters he invented?") Brian wanted Duckburg, from the comics, but since the Air Pirates had just been successfully sued by Disney Greg was worried about the same thing happening, and changed it to Duck Point for copyright reasons, which was OK with Brian.

Laca, "the city of brown air" derives from Los Angeles (LA), California (CA). It looks better shown in all caps, like on the Church map. LACA

Naming stuff in honor of key players and contributors continued on other maps, like the wonderful map of the Holy Country found in the RQ Companion. Kenstone island (Ken Kaufer) for example. 

Nochet City got its name when Rudy Kraft asked Greg if he had named that unlabelled city on the map and he said "not yet".  

More info when I dig it out of the archives.

Edited by Rick Meints
found more info
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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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