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Notes on RQ I & II development


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Greg Stafford asked for some notes on the development of RuneQuest, and I provided them. They can be found on his website at:

Ray Turney RQ

They are part of a larger series, including similar pieces from Greg and Steve at:

RuneQuest Page

My current project, Fire and Sword, can be found at:

BRP Central - Downloads

Hope you find them interesting,


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That's a great article Ray - thanks very much for writing and posting that. We owe you a huge debt for inventing battle magic and rune magic, plus those great examples throughout the rules! I used to read Rurik's saga again and again when I was first learning RQ in the early eighties - you're right, it made a *huge* difference to how quickly you could pick up the rules.

Even now, thirty years on, BRP Fantasy (ie RQ++) is still my go-to system of choice. When you consider its contemporaries, that's outstanding. :thumb:



"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

Website: http://sarahnewtonwriter.com | Twitter: @SarahJNewton | Facebook: TheChroniclesOfFutureEarth

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Got to echo Shaira's comments there Ray!

Thanks so much for your hand in RQ I & II. I thought I would be lost forever in the D&D fantasy rpg system, but then I found Runequest and that changed everything.:)

RQ I and II have been my mainstay in fantasy rpg ever since (for many years now). :thumb::thumb::thumb:



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Guest Vile Traveller

Like many others, Runequest II opened my eyes to what was possible in RPGs, not just fantasy but in any setting. I haven't looked back since - although playing many different systems over the years, I have yet to come across any simulation more elegant or adaptable. Thank you for being part of that! :thumb:

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