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The Character Lifecycle

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Its been a while since I posted anything about the Chronicle of Erun, so I thought I'd show a bit of the introduction which outlines the four phases of the game and how characters change in each phase.

The Player Character Lifecycle In The Chronicles of Erun

In the Chronicles of Erun the player characters start off at the bottom of the feudal class structure that the Kingdom of Erun follows, and through their adventures improve to the point where they are one of the great and the good of the land, within spitting distance of the Throne of Erun itself.

This game plays out in four distinct phases of play.

·        Phase 1 Battle of Grimsworld (Peon)

·        Phase 2 Wanderer of Erun (Freeperson)

·        Phase 3 Warden of Parliament.

·        Phase 4 Lords and Ladies.

As the player character progresses through these four phases, their skills, abilities and social abilities change to what is happening to them in the game at that stage. This is what is known as the player character lifecycle.  

Phase 1 Battle of Grimswold (Peon)

Your character is a very young adult at this stage, between 14 and 24 (12+2d6). They live and work in a farming village, which grows food and crafts goods for one of the three noble Houses of Erun.  They belong to the Peon lower class. You may have a bit of training in one skill (as determined in “What Did You Do in the Village” below), but otherwise you are relying on your natural abilities and the improvised weapon that you’ve grabbed to survive the Battle of Grimswold, which your character is an unwilling participant at the beginning of the game.

[Phase one is a very quick/brutal stage of the game usually one session long, no more than two, that contains the basic character generation and acts as beginning to the campaign. Once you've played through it once, you can easily skip it]

Phase 2 Wanderer Of Erun

Your character has survived the battle of Grimswold and has become a Freeperson, while now a full member of one of the three Houses as a reward for their actions in the battle are no longer indentured in servitude to work on the land.  The character has also had about five years of previous experience since the Battle, and this is reflected in an increase in one linked characteristics and an allocation of 100 skill points and six points of magic.

As the character plays in in adventures during this phase, the improving their skills and magical powers, until they finally come to the attention of Erun’s ruling body, The Parliament.

[This is your basic jobbing adventurer of Fantasy Adventuring. This phase allows the players to find their feet in the setting as their characters wander about Erun].

Phase 3 Warden of Parliament

Erun’s Parliament as a body travels the land, stopping at major towns and cities, where there may be permanent Parliament Buildings or Parliament may be put up in the Local Lord’s residence. At first, the player character’s adventures carry on as in the previous phase, except now they are working on behalf of the Parliament solving mysteries and issues for them. As they advance in Parliament’s favour this allows them to become the heads of their temples, guilds and other organisations they belong too.

This phase is where the characters start to explore the bigger mysteries and learn the greater secrets that shape Erun.

[The game's mid-level which provides a framework for the characters to get involved with the politics of the setting and running their own communities/guilds].

Phase 4 Lords and Ladies

This phase is the end game of the Chronicles of Erun. The characters are now the ruling Lords and Ladies of Erun, responsible for lands and people of their own. The tensions that have been rising between the three Houses of Erun come to a head in this phase, as do the plots of the factions external to Erun. With the very survival of the Kingdom at stake, where will the characters end up?

[The High-Level endgame were the characters are learning and exploiting the big secrets of the setting, such as who actually killed the last King's Heir as well as the truth behind the myths of the gods].

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