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Don't lick the duck!

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Ok, so "Don't lick the duck!" is Twitter's valiant effort at translating the Japanese, but come to think of it that is probably sensible advice too... #DontMessWithTheDucks 


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Yah, you might get a fowl and fully-fledged mallardy, have to be medi-vacced by a Huey and then be stuck with an enormous medical bill from some quack. And who knows where that duck has been; you could get a dirty duck pawned off on you. Licking a duck can be a real downer and can lower the egg-spectations you have for the nest of your life, sort of like licking a cane toad. So it's a pretty daffy thing to do, even for the dewey-eyed youths in Japan and even in the mad climate of the age of the Donald. 

I'm so sorry! What was I thinking?



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