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Triolini - a list of known entities

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This is my current understanding of all the known, and perhaps unknown, entities we mere mortals call “Triolini”. Perhaps we can together fill in the gaps? Subject to change as knowledge expands, and presented in no particular order. I am unclear if offspring of a Triolini are such themselves. For example, I see no documentation that King Undine himself is a Triolini, though he certainly may be. Any thoughts?


Format Key is  - Name/Sphere of Influence - Children/Offspring

Warera/unknown - parent of Westef, Malkion, Trioline

Ormak/Water Volcanoes - parent of Deros

Yeula/unknown - parent of Ioa, Peeled

Wartain - parent of Warera

Alekem/Eastern Bays - none noted, though all the Eastern Bays are children perhaps……

Lema/unknown - parent of Aora, Elyra

Westef/unknown - none noted

Triolina/Fertility - parent of King Undine, Mirintha, Murthdrya, Tholaina, Pharagon, possibly others..

Flalar/unknown - parent of Delmala

Remelor/unknown - none noted

Deros/unknown - note noted

Jonala/unknown - none noted

Watan/unknown - parent of Wartain

Trioline/unknown - parent of Westef

Akra/Underworld Rivers - none noted

Tanian/Fiery Waters - none noted

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Without doing a text search on a couple of documents, I can identify only a few of these (and I did index and cross-reference all the water entities listed in Missing Lands and other such sources less than 15 years ago).

I think Tanian shouldn't be in this list, he is the child of Lorion and Boveluru. Lorion is a sibling of Triolina, a primal river, and Boveluru is a body of water. Tanian should be grouped with seas or currents.

Triolina is the source of Life in the Waters. Currents and Rivers are different from Life - animated, some of them sapient, but not alive. At least IMO.

There are deep terrors of the waters that don't originate with Triolina yet have some claim to life. These are children of Varchulanga, probably by Drospoly. But almost all other life in the Waters are either invaders who made some arrangement with Triolina, or otherwise somehow children of Triolina.

Thrunhin Da/Harantara is yet another source of life in eastern waters. Her offspring with Kahar, the Zabdamar, are doubtlessly alive, but they are not descended from Triolina.

King Undine is a terrible systematic name for that ancestral elemental entity. I don't think that elementals count as Life, hence probably not a Triolini.

Through Warera, a good-sized portion of humans can trace their ancestry back to Triolina. Not all Wareran humans, but quite a lot. But that doesn't make Wareran humans Triolini, and not even Waertagi.

It is possible for descendants to lose an ancestral identity. There are descendants of Kyger Litor who have lost that connection, and which are now mere monsters - mostly found in Pamaltela.


Prior to the raids/rapes of the Vadrudi, the only Triolini merfolk were the demigod Niiads, multi-shaped entitites organized in mer-tribes like the Wartain.


If you like such cladistic exercises, you might have fun participating in the Glorantha Wikia project by Peter Metcalfe.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Thanks Joerg for the info. I continue to add and update info in my fairly comprehensive collection. I am using some old, unpublished sources, as well as printed material supplemented by online fan material to gather as much intelligence as I can. With help someday my index will be complete perhaps. To be clear are you claiming that all Triolini are living physical entities that dwell in the waters, like a merman or fish, as opposed to animated waters like currents and seas? I am not disagreeing with you, but simply seek an understanding. 

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The archaic genealogies of the Malkioni have a simpler take on Wartain (only "Nelos" as a father) from the one told about the ouori in Anaxial's Roster. Could be two Wartains or Wartain in two distinct forms as the people split into wet and dry kindreds.

There's a "Triolina Wakala" who seduces the eponymous founder of Orphalsland during the Pendalite era. Her father is specified as the River God Ailor.

King Orphals, I hear, 
Was the mightiest of kings.
Eldest son of Pendal, he ruled in might,
Untouched, save by Wakala Triolina, 
Who dragged him to his watery doom.

Of course the "untouched" part is mysterious because he managed to leave Hostar and other "sons" behind before finally succumbing to the siren call below.

singer sing me a given

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Yes, that's the understanding I got when I discussed quite a lot of Sea stuff about 20 years ago, based on the Sea Gods classification that was in Missing Lands (more comprehensive than what made it into Tales 10, and too little world information to make it into the Guide - I would have expected this material to go into the originally planned, systemless Gods and Mythology of Glorantha, but Jeff's companion book to 13G and now RQG have taken quite a lot of that kind of material in other format, and I don't know where to look for such cladistic sequences now. (I'm quite behind in acquiring the latest publications thanks to some major undelayable investments into the house I live in and rent out.)

There is an even closer definition of Triolini that only refers to merfolk descended from Niiads and Storm ancestors, the Cetoi and Piscoi mermen, of which two Cetoi and three Piscoi races are extant. Tholaina's descendants aren't Triolini in this sense.

The Sea Tribe systematics with its threefold combinations of Zaramaka's first generation children who embody the mind, soul and body of the waters (plus a mystical rest) creates three different groups of triplets as ancestors/rulers of the following generations. A single body of water may have various associated deities, including currents, bodies of water, rivers, waves, elementals...

The task of taxonomy isn't made easier by the ability of waters to exchange energy, substance or roles with one another. Only where there are clear separations (like Lorion leading the celestial waters into the sky) we may have a better idea of the identity of those entities. Worcha, the Raging Sea, with four parents sort of breaks normal genealogic sequence.

The nice page of the merman pantheon by Kalin Kadiev shows only two of the three groups of offspring, the children of Daliath (mind) with his siblings Framanthe (soul) and Sramak(e, body). The (mind-less) children of Sramak and Framanthe are mostly missing.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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