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Altinae and/or Tilntae - a brief mention

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This is my current understanding of all the known, and perhaps unknown, entities we mere mortals call “Altinae” and/or “Tilntae”. Perhaps we can together fill in the gaps? Subject to change as knowledge expands, and presented in no particular order.


Format Key is  - Name/Sphere of Influence - Children/Offspring


Altinae List

Siglat/unknown - none noted

Smalia/unknown - parent of Altin, Golomol

Altin/unknown - parent of Eflam

Selman/unknown - parent of Nostan

Vilamam/unknown - none noted

Nostan/unknown - none noted

Romala/unknown - parent of Odnetam, Vilamam

Krotala/unknown - parent of Romala, Selman

Bauta/unknown - parent of Eflam

Eflam/unknown - parent of Romala, Selman

Golomol/unknown - parent of Krotola

Namal/unknown - parent of Odnetam, Vilamam


Tilntae List

Tawara/unknown - parent of Tawari

Afarl/unknown - parent of Afrala

Eleria/unknown - parent of Siglat

Eloa/unknown - Afrala

Flemela/unknown - parent of Vegetables?

Herma/unknown - parent of Eleria

Wale/unknown - parent of Krotola

Reenea/unknown - parent of Einar

Odnetam/unknown - parent of Herma, Eleria

Tilntae/Animals? - parent of Animals?

Menele/unknown - parent of Wale

Hylia/Animals? - parent of Vrimak, Permal, Palar, Vrimaka, Golod, Jaskal, Lofak

Lokala/Wolves - none noted

Rathora/Bears and/or Predators? - parent of Rathori

Philia/unknown - none noted - spouse of Malkion, perhaps parent of those children?

Ineke/unknown - parent of Vadela

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The Lady of the Veil is the only Altinelan that I have ever seen mentioned by title. Her halfblood son Siglat isn't really an Altinelan any more.


The Tilntae sort of defy classification. They can give birth to basically anything, with or without fathers. Few of their offspring retain the pluripotential of their tilntae mothers, especially those not born parthenogenically.

I have serious doubts about Rathora and similar ancestresses as Tilntae. Offspring of Tilntae is possible and is called nymph, but any form of specialisation in the type of their offspring makes them a subclass of Tilntae descendants, but no longer Tilntae.

The Malkioni ancestresses are nymphs or minor earth goddesses (and the distinction is hard to make). I don't think that the collective noun "Tilnti" has another meaning than "mother goddesses".

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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If she is the mother of Siglat, I guess it is. All I know from Siglat's Saga is what was published in the Guide, and there she is named as an Altinelan.


Having created an index for Glorantha almost 30 years ago, I am curious about the data structure you are using.

In my old structure, I used labels only for typing the entries, and used "see also" links for group nouns or whatever other cross-linking connections I had. I had just started to add a description field for the "see also"s where I would say why I thought that other term was worth looking up when I lost access to that incarnation of the data. Losing about three years of work on the index was what broke my persistence.

I have since made some minor contributions to Peter's Wikia project, and I still need to find enough time to break up all the digital text available now into chunks that will give all the relevant source texts to a topic, pushed into my old data structure (or an upgrade thereof), but finding the time and persistence hasn't worked out yet.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Joerg, I go non-digital and record all info on blank index cards the same size as Magic/playing cards. So far the index is about 20 inches tall. Right now I am only recording names of known entities, sphere of influence, parents if any , and offspring if any. I also include an AKA note, to keep the index relatively easy to use. I am once again actively updating after a number of years offline so to speak. When this phase is complete I will add other info but that is in the future, this phase being simply identifying as many deities as possible, be they canon or not. I am happy to receive info filling in blank areas in my index. 

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Early on there was confusion in the texts between Tilntae and Likitae, so you may find in your researches that the two kindreds converge. Ifttala, mother of Pendal, for example, was once thought to be a Tilnta. I've always thought there was some appreciable difference between them, even if only in terms of religious politics or a primeval distinction between Fertility in itself (Grower) and the Earth cultures that tend to preserve and transmit its mysteries.

"Malkion begat upon his wife sixteen sons and fourteen daughters and these were the first of the race.  They married each other, or other inhabitants of Ontal’s Forest, and soon the race was large.  But it was at this time that Phil(i)a disappeared, and Malkion left his children to find her."

I am intrigued at a source that makes Eleria a Tilnta, but then again, the entire Snodal narrative is weird enough that it gets my wheels turning at heretical speeds. What if Snodal's "uttermost north" was also the heroquest past, I wonder.

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We might have to do a little spell trading. Blurring the line between Tilnta and Altina is brilliant and opens a lot of doors.

Ifttala is a daughter of Seshna and so is usually given the epithet "Likita" except for one reference where "Tilnta" is crossed out. By the time she's born they're probably more conventional earth goddesses so you can probably deal with them on that side. Pendal is king of the lion people, her son in some sources, the father of her children in others. (Yet another reason the children of Malkion hated them, and incidentally a kludge for the mysterious MoFo who appears in Lords of Terror.)

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