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Sea/Ocean Gods and Goddesses

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This is my current understanding of all the known, and perhaps unknown, entities we mere mortals call “Ocean/Sea Gods”. Perhaps we can together fill in the gaps? Subject to change as knowledge expands. This message is not about the Water Tribe per se, but specifically about only deities of Seas and Oceans. References to parents or children that are not Seas or Oceans are not included in this report, with a few exceptions. I am happy to correct my understanding. In proper Water Tribe fashion, though, the parentage and offspring list is somewhat mutable. Any help is appreciated to more fully understand.


Format Key is  - Name/Sphere of Influence if any noted - Parentage and Children


The Four Great Oceans are……



Eastern -do we have a proper name?



The Hudaro family

Hudaro/Ice - parent of Neleom, Banthe, Kerenth, Kenirya

Neleom/Cold - child of Hudaro

Banthe/unknown - child of Hudaro and Manthi and Natea - parent of Denestlazam

Kerenth/Sea Plants - child of Hudaro and Murthdrya - parent of Swermela, Jorkar, Dashomo

Kenirya/Sea Storm?/Squall? -  child of Hudaro and Umath?

Dashomo/unknown - child of Kerenth - parent of Marthino

Jorkar/unknown - child of Kerenth

Swermela/unknown -child of Kerenth

Denestlazam/unknown - child of Banthe


The Benara Family

Homeward/Benara/Psychopomp - child of All Waters - no offspring noted - aka Magasta/Magasta’s Pool


The Eastern Ocean Family

Eastern/Warmth? - creation unknown - parent of Menterina, Kahar, Venperha, Alsporanjabbi, Kostarankarjahobbi, FreshWater Sea, Valararriano,


Alsporanjabbi/unknown - child of Eastern Ocean

Valararriano/unknown - child of Eastern Ocean

FreshWater Sea/unknown - child of Eastern Ocean - is proper name known?

Venperha/unknown - child of Eastern Ocean

Kahar/Fog - child of Eastern Ocean, Sshorg, Iphara

Menterina/unknown - child of Eastern Ocean


The Togaro Family

Togaro/Terror - parent of Sshorg, Serelazam

Serelazam/unknown - child of Togaro - parent of Maslo, Dinosso, Marthino

Sshorg/unknown - child of Togaro - parent of Bezarngay, Sedlezam

Maslo/unknown - child of Serelazam - no children noted

Dinosso/unknown - child of Serelazam - parent of Marthino

Marthino/unknown - child of Dashomo, Dinosso, Serelazam

Bezarngay/unknown - child of Sshorgh, Seden - no children noted

Sedleza/unknown - child of Sshorgh - parent of Rozgal, Solkath

Seden/unknown - child of Sshorgh - parent of Bezarngay

Rozgal/unknown - child of Sedlezam - no children noted

Solkath/unknown - child of Sedlezam - no children noted


I see “Seluro” is perhaps a lost sea, but can find no other info - also need some help with Loral.

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In the Eastern creation myth, the Parloth of the seas is Oro, and from the names, Ivaro and Togaro sound like children of it.

Menterina is not mentioned in the Guide, alhough shown on the map.

"child of a Doom Current" means fed by it rather than parented by it. IMO Togaro has few direct children but Sshorg and Sedlazam. Most of the seas between Solkathi and the Ivaro family branched off from Sshorg/Blue Dragon River.

In the west, Neleos was the pioneer sea.

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