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Lamentations of the Flame Princess Mod for Renaissance

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Since I had already shared my Dark Souls files in Mythras, I figured I'd also included my Lamentations of the Flame Princess/Call of Cthulhu Renaissance file as well. It's something of an abandoned project since I can't get anyone to play Renaissance from among my friends – getting (some of) them to try the original BRP Classic Fantasy monograph was like pulling teeth, and now one of them refuses to upgrade to the Mythras version despite my insistence that the original BRP version was not, nor will be, completed. For the most part, the LotFP crossover can be run as is, with the social classes and professions having been rebalanced to have equivalent point totals (for the most part – Peasants still have 20 additional points, I think). It also includes a nearly-complete writeup of the factions from Clockwork & Chivalry (to aid in keeping with the setting). The Battle Alchemy and Witchcraft magic fit well with LotFP, but I also included Elven magic and Arcane Magic (the former being a sort of variant on Folk Magic from Mythras, and the latter being a catchall for both Call of Cthulhu-style magic AND Magic User magic from the source material).

I'm also including my house rules, which includes a little overhaul to the Major Wound mechanic of the system that makes it so that higher skill levels are required to actually get in the deadlier hits. Might be interesting to some of you, and it fits well with the LotFP crossover stuff.

I also have a Ravenloft thingy I started last year after the LotFP thing started, but... well... yeah.

Anyway, hope this is of use to someone. Game on, everyone!

Renaissance House Rules.doc

Renaissance - LOFTP SIMPLE.doc



Crimson Twilight Notes v0.1.doc

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Added Crimson Twilight Setting v0.1
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Oh, I actually forgot to include my (unfinished) Bloodborne-inspired campaign setting, the Crimson Twilight setting within the great city of Caerdenshire. I'll upload in the original post. It includes new factions (Houses/Guilds), Trick Weapons, and new "Heroic Level" rules that give each Culture and Profession new abilities/traits that make them stronger than is normal for standard Renaissance games, should the GM and the Players wish to use them. It's not quite LotFP, but it fits the theme and atmosphere quite well.

Again, it's not complete, so those wishing to make the most of it may have to tie up the loose ends.

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Curse that scoundrel John Pym and the rest of those traitorous dogs.

Long live the Monarchy.

Huzzah for Prince Rupert and the brave Sir Edward Massey.

For a truly indulgent and very Merry Christmas.



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