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Understanding Credit Rating

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Hi guys! I have a couple of questions to ask you about Credit Rating. I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance!

1. When allocating Occupation Skill Points, am I supposed to always spend at least the minimum amount of points that the Credit Rating of my Occupation indicates? For example, for my new character, an antiquarian (Credit Rating 30-70), am I supposed to spend AT LEAST 30 Occupation Skill Points? Or is my character supposed to start the game with Credit Rating 30 by default (having the option to  increase it up to 70 by spending up to 40 skill points)?

2. Can I use Personal Interest Points to increase my Credit Rating as well? I imagine that I can but I'm not entirely sure.

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Core rulebook p39 left hand column first line "Your investigator’s Credit Rating skill begins at zero." You have to start CR at zero and add enough points to reach the minimum for that Occupation according to RAW.

Core rulebook p36 left hand column Personal Interest 2nd paragraph "Multiply the investigator’s INT × 2 and allot the points to any skills (which can include adding further points to occupation skills), except Cthulhu Mythos". Credit Rating could be regarded a a skill ,check with your Keeper for a final decision

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