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Scritch Scratch for Free RPG Day 2018

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I have a question on the upcoming Free RPG Day packets. 

In the past some of the sponsors have posted their packets NPC character sheets online.  This allowed the GM’s running the adventure to print them without mangling/flattening/destroying the binding.   I have my copy of CoC: Scritch Scratch and am prepping to run. 

I really don't want to pull the staples and take apart the book so I can copy the characters, any possibility for PDFs copies of the PC's to happen for Scritch Scratch?

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I seem to recall that there was an e-mail stating that the PDF would be available here a week before Free RPG day, which would be Saturday, June 9th.  I definitely want the PDF version so I can just print out the pre-gens rather than photocopying them out of the printed version.  

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