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Rise of the Yōkai Koku - crowdfunding NOW LIVE!

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After his defeat at the hand of Oda Nobunaga, the great Daimyo Azai Nagamasa commits seppuku. The only hope for what is left of his retinue is a secret alliance with the Takeda clan, the only one strong enough to oppose Nobunaga. However, Takeda Shingen demands a hostage to guarantee the loyalty of Nagamasa’s former retainers. The hostage must reach the Shinano province without Nobunaga being aware of his presence, but the road passes through Oda territory. A group of brave adventurers must accompany the hostage in his dangerous journey.


So begins the Rise of the Yōkai Koku campaign, a Revolution d100 roleplaying adventure set in the Sengoku period of the Japanese middle ages. Many adventures await our noble heroes on their path to restoring their clan fortunes, and not all threats will be human in nature.

Rise of the Yōkai Koku was originally intended as a low-cost PDF using vintage artwork from 17th to 19th Century Japan and a stock picture as cover. However, if this crowdfunding campaign succeeds we will publish the 10-episode campaign booklet in print, too, with a shiny new cover drawn specifically for it. We will add other artwork and goodies as stretch goals if the funding exceeds our minimum target.



Rise of the Yōkai Koku will start crowdfunding in the first half of June 2018, so keep your tachi well oiled and your prayer beads at hand.

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As you can see, this campaign has not funded. Rise of the Yōkai Koku will appear, but in electronic format only. A pity, but not a catastrophe.

You may have noticed that we have not pushed the campaign much in these last days. Maybe you are wondering whether a massive advertising campaign might have changed the final outcome. Perhaps, but there is a consideration we have made during the first half of the crowdfunding period. Unlike other projects, contributors to this one chose mainly the electronic format for their reward. In other words, even if the idea did generate some excitement among players, the format which this campaign intended to fund (a printed supplement) was not perceived as the best one for Rise of the Yōkai Koku. Please note that the number of contributors reached, if the usual percentage of 80% had chosen a printed reward, could have been sufficient to fund the project. With a percentage of 50% choosing the paper version, funding was much harder.

With the basic premise of the campaign in doubt, we decided that it was not a good idea to use pure marketing techniques to reach the goal. If the majority of players preferred a PDF, then giving them a PDF was the way to go. And this we can do even without a successful crowdfunding.

Now, the contributors who pledged for a physical copy will certainly ask one question: what about a print on demand version? Well, it is not entirely ruled out, but at the moment we have not organised any POD version for any product in the Revolution D100 line, except the combat cards. And the cards have sold poorly as a POD item, whereas the small print run which we have sold directly on RPG Meeting has sold out. That said, POD is possible, but not a priority. Especially with two other crowdfundings still to fulfill, for a total of five books and two accessories yet to produce. Let us go back to these before thinking about POD of other products.

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