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13th Age Glorantha Character Sheets

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Anyone made any new 13th Age Glorantha Character sheets? Can you download the official one anywhere but last page of pdf? (I'm printing from my phone so would have to deselect 451 pages manually owing to daft printer interface!). 

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The RQG rules PDF comes with the Character sheet as a separate PDF.

However, I wouldn't use it in my games - Too much white space, weapons don't make sense, laid out differently to what I prefer, HP/MP tracker grids rather than just a place to record and so on. I have very firm expectations on character sheets that most commercial sheets don't meet, so normally make my own.

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Most of the fan-made 13A character sheets are pdfs, but there's at least one Excel-based sheet here


which I found on the fan site Vault of the 13th Age, 13thage.org.

To change it (or any other editable sheet) to a 13G character sheet, all you really need to do is change the space for Icon Relationships to one for Runes.



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