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Five (5) Things Essential to a Magic World setting

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On 6/13/2018 at 3:46 PM, Sean_RDP said:

If I were to ask folks to give their five essential "things" to a Magic World campaign/setting, what would you say?

Three things that come to mind in no particular order that I would need...

BRP rules

Great writing

Great art

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Things that aren't essential to me

- a Multiverse or any explicit other physical planes. Though something like 'the spirit plane' is almost inevitable if your magic touches it in any way, that's more an aspect of the one physical universe. It can be fine if it fits, but it's often setting dominating if it does, and makes it hard to stick to something that doesn't have wildly varying technology without handwaving. 

- any particular tech level, I just hate it when a world is wildly inconsistent. Renaissance or medieval if you want, but don't then have stone age primitives the next county over (exception if somehow this ties into a core element of your theme somehow, I guess, like its a game setting all about colonialism)

- any particular availability of magic level - worlds where a little magic is very common are OK, like everyone in RuneQuest having a little magic. 

- multiple player level races. Nothing against it either, just not essential. If it is there, it should definitely be a major setting element - other cultures should make a different, so races should be far more. 

Settings that make me think they would be fun to run using BRP gritty simulationist combat and skills, and so would make me think about Magic World rules as a starting point for a game inspired by it:

- most historical settings, especially 'history plus myth' settings like the classic RQ Earth stuff. 

- Dragaera from the Steven Brust novels - a very high magic setting, but combat is usually still gritty and physical, detailed character capabilities too

- the Black Company books by Glen Cook

- Nehwon, obviously

- the second Corum trilogy from Moorcock (the most pure magic and self contained, and least Multiversey Eternal Champion books)


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