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The Rune Hack

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This is something I've been chipping away at for a while. An Apocalypse World/Monster of the Week hack for my favourite fantasy setting.

The Thunder Rebel

It's the first semi-complete, usable playbook. The full text of the hack so far is available here on Google Docs. I think the next step is to a couple of reference sheets with all the basic moves, then go on to do a minimum viable set of playbooks.

Particular issues I'd like to ask for comments and suggestions on -

The Background section is pretty new and a bit low effort. Suggestions welcome. The idea is to differentiate the character a bit into slightly different versions. I've not written up the rules for this properly, but the idea is you can only have one background at a time, but you can change backgrounds at almost any time without having to level up. So not really backgrounds, more current status or something. help!

I need to put rules for Luck into the docs version, but it's basically as in MoTW. Need to rename it to something like Hero Points maybe?

I've not put a huge amount of thought into the stat ratings options. Better ideas welcome.

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