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Call for Submission for the Arkham Gazette - 'Curios'

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The Arkham Gazette, as ever, is looking for submissions.

Today we posted a call for a particular variety of submission - short (250-500 words) item descriptions that we've dubbed 'Curios'.


Enigmatic items, described in no more than 250 or 500 words each.  A leftover from an era or event of Lovecraft Country’s past. These are drop-in elements Keeper’s can use to reinforce the region’s haunted history, hint to a future scenario, or simply unnerve.

Each item follows the same format:

  • A short physical description; what does it look like?  What can you learn by examining it?
  • The item’s history; what can you potentially learn via research?  What can an expert tell you?
  • Placement; suggestions saying where it might be found or who might have it.
  • Secrets; Keeper’s information about the piece that investigators may uncover or suffer the effects of
  • Plot hooks and scenario seeds; elaborating on what is implied in the items above, as needed.

Of particular interest are items connected to Kingsport, the subject of our next (hopefully soon forthcoming) issue.

For more information, see here:


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