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Down to our last stocks of HQ (2nd Ed)


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We are down to our last stocks of HeroQuest (2nd Ed), Robin Laws's innovative, dynamic, and flexible RPG rules engine that is suitable for play in any genre or setting.

We will NOT be reprinting this book: the HeroQuest engine will soon be back in an exciting new SRD format (as already being discussed in this forum)—but if you want a print copy of HQ2, NOW is the time to get it! Extremely limited copies are left in our US and UK warehouses.


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This is my last order from Chaosium. The Red Cow volume II was out now so that I redeemed my coupons for the PDF of both volumes & got both hardcopies tpgether. It was also a good time to buy the slipcase for TGtG to put my Moon Design Publications books in a Chaosium "box". CoC for noobs à la Dr. Seuss sounded fun, so what the heck I took it.

And I also bought a copy of the Crucible Seven second printing of HQ:CR even though I already own a copy of the first edition first printing. Why you might ask? Because it is such a bloody good book & it is a bloody shame that it is going out of print without ever getting any errata as well as any revised printing & I "needed" a spare!

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