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Characteristic Point Recovery

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3 minutes ago, Eric Christian Berg said:

Is there a natural rate of recovery for points of characteristics lost due to disease or attacks like the bloodbird's blood drain, or can these only be recovered via a Recover Health spell?

You can use Training or Research to increase/recover some of the characteristics (see RQG p417-8) including STR, CON, DEX and CHA.  POW can be regained through subsequent use/experience (POW gain rolls).  Losses to INT or SIZ are largely permanent without use of magic.  But there is no natural rate of recovery.

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Under Wraith, it says "If an adventurer survives a wraith’s attack, the lost characteristic points are regained at their healing rate per week. They can also be restored with a Restore Health spell.".

I would assume the same applies to similar attacks, for example a Bloodbird's Blood drain.

Lunes, Selenes, Babaka Fegh, Dancers in Darkness and Vampires drain Magic Points, which presumably regenerate as any spent Magic Points. 

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