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Scenarios with Serpent People? (spoilers)

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The idea that you don't even have to leave Earth for Investigators to experience mind-shattering challenges to their concept of history is very appealing to me.  I also love Robert E. Howard's work.  Ergo, I've latched on to Serpent people as an existential magical/scientific threat and have been seeking out adventures that feature them.

I already have the Hand of Abyzhou (Shadows Over Scotland) and The Darkness Beneath the Hill (Doors to Darkness) prepped and in the pipe for my group as a broad campaign arc, with the goal of either: 1) Connecting the two Serpent Person groups in Rhode Island and Edinburgh or 2) making them opposing factions worshiping different Great Old Ones (Yig and Tsathoggua) as described in The Two Headed-Serpent.

Along those lines, I may pull scenarios/ideas directly from The Two-Headed Serpent, but watered down as Classic-style investigative Cthulhu.

Finally, I also have Goodman Games' Transatlantic Terror to hit them with as they traverse the Atlantic.

London Chapter of Masks?  The Chelsea Serpent

Which other CoC scenarios/campaigns feature Serpent People that may have mineable material?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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I believe the original Tales of the Miskatonic Valley includes a Scenario with a Serpent Person.

Also, here is a like to a Starry Wisdom article on Serpent People, I think the "Call of Cthulhu Adventures" section at the end is Scenario seeds rather than references to published adventures.


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