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How to translate God Learner?

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I think Joerg's original point about the vagueness of the term "God Learner" is completely valid.  It smacks of a mistranslation, or a hybridized word combination from a more primitive society that doesn't understand the core concepts.  On the face of the matter, one would hardly say that someone who "learns about gods" has done anything wrong, for is not every priest, acolyte and initiate one who "learns about gods"?  So how does this innocent combination of words turn into a harsh pejorative for blasphemy and heresy?

Now we get the term God Learner as a hand-me-down from cultures that were never very intimately involved with them.  While there were clashes between the EWF and the Jrusteli Empire in Heortland and elsewhere, due to the cold war-like relations between these empires, they never seemed to overtly contest each others' control of territory, instead relying on insurgencies to undermine each others' legitimacy and dominance.  Can we say that there was God Learner influence in the rise of the True Golden Horde?  Of course not, and it need not have been so, but it remains possible that the Jrusteli infiltrated via Pent.  We can say, however, that the Orlanthi Traditionalists were a political football that fought both sides.  So from this, as it is from these people that we get the term God Learner, that we must also understand that it would have had negative connotations, and it is that intrinsic hostility which is not borne out by the term "God Learner" and its journey to us over time.

Now back to the original premise, rather than the singular god of "Deus" or "Theos" we should be referring to a plethora of deities, as in "Pantheo" from which we obtain the obvious "Pantheon".  It is possible that due to their monotheism, and the ignorance of the people who coined the abusive term, that the "many" connotation was dropped.

Next, I offer a word that derives from learning, and wisdom, which has already been used.  That is "Sophist".  Of course the term sophist is also a term of abuse, as Socrates argued persuasively against the sophists through Plato.  But more importantly, we get the drift word "sophisticated" meaning "tainted" or "corrupt" learning.  The old joke once told was that one could call young ladies glamorous and sophisticated and they would assume that they were being complimented, when in fact they were being told they were fake and tainted.  So my point is, that as the original term must have been one of abuse, a politically laden swear word, much like "heretic", "scab", "traitor" etc, the original term would have been something like "Pantheosophisticate", which is then shortened to "theosophisticate", and is ultimately dumbed down to "God Learner" thanks to the pidgin effect of Trade Talk, ultimately losing all its pejorative punch, to the point where future generations may begin to wonder what all the fuss was about, and why people were so anti-God Learner in the first place.

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