For a long time now I've been setting an oversized d20 down on the table with the current Resistance face up, so that it's easy for everyone to compare their rolls. I use a step-down layout one like MtG players use to make it easier to find the face I want. I've toyed with the idea of using a different colored one or more than one for Mastery levels but that feels awkward. I might use a base or something down the road. When handling group contests, I used to roll as many dice as I had players all at once, and the die that landed closest to each player at the table would be that player's opposing roll. It's super fast and works really well when everyone is sitting around an actual table, but it's less clear when folks are scattered around a living room on couches & easy chairs. While looking over the Chessex booth at Gen Con last week, I had a further inspiration. I bought several pairs of d20s in an assorment of colors, two reds, two blues, two greens, etc. Next time I run a game, I plan to give each player one of a color pair, while I keep the other. when a group contest rolls around, I'll roll the corresponding dice - and everyone can then see at a glance which die matches with which player. The other thing I do with respect to group contests is roll my dice onto a dry erase board, and keep a result point tally right on the board as I go over the dice - again, very fast and easy for everyone to see if we're sitting close. Dice can also make handy tokens for lingering benefits & consequences. I keep several d6 and d10 handy when running a game, and when someone gets a bonus or penalty, I'll hand them a die with the corresponding face up - red dice for penalties, other color for bonus. Having the die sitting there helps it keep from getting forgotten. Does anyone else have helpful methods (dice or otherwise) to share?