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Return of the Homely Pilgrim

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I have just discovered Magic World in November this year (2018). Like any new love affair Iā€™m obsessed at the moment and I was very pleased to discover all your supplements for the game that give me a lot more options to play with. They are much appreciated and if you make any more there will be at least one person who will enjoy them.

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I'm still working on the Southern Reaches town of Tindale. It'll be a sandbox style town with hundreds of detailed NPCs, many of which have hooks for side trek adventures. I've finished most of the Docks District (along the White River) and am working on the Theatre District currently. This isn't (so far) meant to be a full blown adventure but a base of operations for the adventures I make in the future, and maybe a stopping point for other chroniclers adventures who happen to need a city along the way to their next conquest šŸ˜€

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