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MoN VTT Support


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I was wondering if there was any plan for VTT support for MoN?

Either the campaign available to purchase on Roll20 or it would be very helpful if there was a zip file of all the handouts as individual jpg/pngs. Snipping pictures from 96 pages of handouts is going to take a long time and I'd gladly pay to have it already available in Roll20.

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While I too would throw $$$ at such an endeavor, I doubt it will ever happen.  I have found for my own R20 MoN7e campaign it is manageable to 'snip' digital copies of the handouts one chapter at a time.  My preferred tools are SnagIt and Paint.net.  I then archive these new image files on OneDrive as a cloud backup.  Being able to drag/drop images into R20 is a nice feature and makes it much less painful a manual process.

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I believe that Fantasy Grounds has a license to convert Call of Cthulhu modules, just need someone to do the actual conversion. They are working on converting Horror on the Orient Express right now but as I am not affiliated with Fantasy Grounds (other than a user) I have no idea if MoN is in the queue or actively being converted.

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