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I’m wondering if I’m a … loser?


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While the BRP adventure contest was under way, I keep thinking “gee, I would like to write one of those”, and then two weeks before the deadline – bang, I had an idea – wrote it up (my first ever attempt at writing an adventure for print), submitted it – and never heard another word.

Has anyone else heard if their submissions were accepted? Just wondering…

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I think Dustin is pretty snowed under at the moment - I haven't heard anything on the BRP adventure contest either, other than hearing back from Dustin in July saying "thanks" for the submission!

I've heard back from the Halloween contest, but not the original one in July. My guess is that it's on an enormous "to do" list on Dustin's desk...



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I saw on Dustin’s blog that he is swamped and figured it would be better to ask here then hit him with yet another e-mail.

I do hope it floats to the top of the to-do list – even if mine doesn’t make the cut I still want that monograph.

Thanks for the news.

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We should have a fan based contest award.

If anyone here is up for judging a contest and setting up guidelines for it. Id be interested in that. Perhaps house the winning PDFs on this site or on lulu?

Why not both? A print acceptable version at Lulu, so those who prefer hard copy can get one if they wish, and a screen use version here.

Sounds like a good idea actually...

Hmm: three judges who have to read all submissions and pick the best three. People could be elected by the user community here, and we could canvas for volunteers to turn the winning three into a Lulu-print compatible PDF...

Could be really cool...


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Truth be told, I'm STILL plugging away on the adventure I wrote up for the BRP contest. I'm at 18,000+ words and counting. I'd be done by now if not for those kids and that dog that -well, work and moving have kept me from working on it for the last two months.

It will be done someday.

I like the fan based contest idea. I've got a couple short BRP adventure ideas I'd like to write up. Anyone have the time to organize and be the contact for this?

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