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Due to reading, and fixing with my roleplaying collection.. And reading far to much on blogs and forums..

Has made me yearning for playing Strombringer and D&D esque games.. So during this vacations i sat down and played around with my old Spanish edition of Stormbringer.. and painting 10 deamonettes for use in Age of Sigmar/ 40 k. this made me want to stat up some demons

so Here comes my first work in progress deamonettes for Stormbringer 4th.. If someone more versed in this rule set could point out errors i would be happy,, will probably do more demonic types soon..


Deamonette of Aanesh...

STR 3d8 14

CON 3d8 14

SIZ 2D8 14

INT 3D8 14

POW 3D8 14

DEX 4D8 18

Cha 3D8 14  (63p characteristics)

Abilities / Skills: Baffle attack 40p 3d6 pot up to 5m, shape change 40p, Garras 20p 3d10% 1d6 damage *2, Hands 30p, Eyes  10p (+1d10 search, detect), saber 20 (int*5 one topic)jump 10p (4 m high), legs 30p 60m/round

200p skills


263p to invoke

hmm, feels kind of weird.. will probably adjust size so it will be smaller, if i understood the Spanish text correctly it costs 3 point per d8 dice. I can not find any mention how to raise the combat skills of the demons... I suspect that there is inconsistencies compared with the English version..

input appreciated.




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4th edition has the most expensive summoning rules. Demons have a much lower cost in most other editions. I'd suggest getting a PDF of 5th edition. 

in 5E the costs are:

  • Attributes and MOV: 1 magic point per die
  • Skill % or Demonic Ability %: 1 magic point per 10%
  • Demoic Abilities: 1 magic point per shift on the Sacrifice Table (see below).
  • Arms, legs, hands, eyes, etc. are "freebies" unless they grant some sort of Demonic Ability.

Sacrifice table


1 (1D2)

2 (1D4)

3 (1D6)

4 (1D8)

5 (1D10)

6(1D10+1D2) (the pattern repeats, so 10 would be 2D10, 15 would be 3D10 and so on).


In 5E I think your Deamonettes would cost 75 MPs or so.







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