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Range of Cause Blindness spell (7e)


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39 minutes ago, KeeperXav said:

I would say within sight.

A whole day of ritual is required to cast the spell.

Unless the target is captured, there is no way they'll stand there for a whole day while someone cast a harmful spell at them. And if the target is captured, it would be far more quick and efficient to gouge out their eyes with a knife.

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Cause/Cure Blindness
Cost: 8 magic points (and 2D6 Sanity points for Cause Blindness)
Casting time: 1 day
The target suffers complete and permanent blindness, as if by a stroke. The same spell can reverse blindness if the eyes and optic nerves are essentially intact. The spell costs 8 magic points for either version. A day of ritual is required. For the spell to take effect the caster must succeed in an opposed POW roll with the target (automatic success if the target is consenting).


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I am sorry to necro-bump but I did not want to create a new thread for an already existing problem. I am wondering the same thing, and ironically prompted by the same spell. OP, did you ever find out the true answer, and if not, what did you choose to do instead?

Everyone else, is the intention if a spell does not have a specific range listed, you just make it up based on the quality of the tome it came from/create a spell variation with a specific range?
I'm worried spells like Cause/Cure Blindness would be much too powerful if the character just has to name a target; even making it so they must have personally met the target seems quite strong, since it lets them target enemies very easily (and that's just talking about this spell specifically, there's many more problematic "infinite range/target" spells for various reasons).
This is further complicated by certain spells, such as Mirror of Tarkhun Atep, explicitly stating "the victim can be anywhere on Earth", or spells like Mental Suggestion saying "a single target, who is visible to the unaided eye of the sorcerer, is affected", while many more spells are like Cause/Cure Blindness and just don't make any mention of range.

As 1d8+DB suggested, "sympathetic magic" would help balance it a bit, as would having a "within x miles" range or adding expensive/consumed components, so I might go one of these routes; but still, I'd like to know if there is an official ruling.

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