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Well, we are certainly going to publish the materials announced for the Companion, but it is too early to give an ETA or to confirm that it will appear in "Companion" format.

Some innovations we wish to make generalisable in the Companion will appear in other settings and supplements before they get published in a generic form. For instance, Rise of the Yokai Koku will contain the first example of a questionnaire-based character generation system, and the new Rituals which will also find their way to the Companion if the core rules are not revised first.

It is even possible, although unlikely, that we decide to merge the companion contents with those of a second edition of the rules. But at present producing new settings has priority over new additions to the core.

Unfortunately, unrelated events have delayed all activities on the RD100 line for this year. The only product we will release in 2018 is the japanese scenario in PDF, which is far below everyone's expectations. But we will try to do better in 2019.

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