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Collection of source material for Seas & Seafaring

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Hey folks,

is there a listed collection of source material (bibliography) for the Gloranthian topics "Seas" and "Seafaring"?
The sources could be canonical or non-canonical.

Quite interesting for all GMs who like to plot some adventures regarding the Gloranthian seas.

Thanks in advance!

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Your go-to document to date would be "Men of the Sea" written for HeroQuest 1, which has a good list of books to read up. Quite a bit of extra material and inspirations were discussed in the various incarnations of the Glorantha Digest and its predecessors and successors.

Gloranthan canon is naturally strongest in the Guide. Some references in "Men of the Sea" reference concepts which are no longer strictly canonical.

Mythic Gloranthan sailing is mentioned quite a bit in Revealed Mythologies. The very interesting period of the Middle Sea Empire and its extraordinary vessels is revealed in the book of the Stafford Library by the same name, and History of the Heortling Peoples has some additional info on the Slontan vessels of the mid 800s and the Machine Wars.

RuneQuest ship rules are worth a look in any incarnation of the game that has some.

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