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Distinction between Sartarite Carls and Cottars?

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1 hour ago, soltakss said:

Orlanth is the god of Men and Ernalda is the goddess of Women, but Vinga is the goddess of Women who worship Orlanth and nadan is the god of Men who worship Erlanda. Nothing hard about that! 😉

Orlanth and Ernalda are the gods who set down the roles that men and women are expected to perform in society. A woman who performs a man's role is a Vingan, a man who performs a woman's is Nandan, and these are accepted as having a place in society because of 1/7 thing; Orlanthi society sets down a rule for the majority, and then makes allowances for those who fall outside (within reason, Tricksters!). It's how a society devoted to a god of change and motion are able to embrace stability and tradition.

And according to Heort, vingan and nandan are actual genders, along with helering (for those who, like Heler, are too fluid to be neatly slotted into these defined genders and associated roles; something the Orlanthi accept as holy to Heler but are clearly uncomfortable with).

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