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[Fire and Sword] Fumble Table Added

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It recently came to my attention that Fire and Sword nowhere says that a miss in combat does not do anything, nor is a fumble table provided. These defects will be corrected in 3rd edition. The current version of the Fumble Table follows:

Roll Result

1-2 Off Balance Cannot attack next round

3-5 Off Balance – Can neither attack nor parry next round

6 Lose weapon – weapon cannot retrieved for rest of fight

7 Vision obstructed – Attacks and parries -10 till one round out of combat

can be spent to remove obstruction

8 Hit self – rolled attack to see if special or critical, if not do normal weapon damage to self. If this happens while parrying, drop parrying weapon or shield.

9 Hit ally, as hit self except nearest friend is hit. If no friend within reach, hit self.

10 Expose yourself – all enemy attacks increase one level, thus enemy misses become hits, hits become specials, specials critical successes, and critical successes cinematic.

Good luck,


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