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Advice running my first HeroQuest game

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On 10/5/2018 at 8:29 AM, Grievous said:

I'd be curious to hear about your mastery house rules. The idea to do something like that in RQ:G has come to my mind as well, but I haven't laid anything out as of yet.

Still in development, but what I am considering is using keywords for things like occupation, culture and so on. Converting to a D20 instead of percentile, and using masteries to bump the success levels up.  All combat will be an opposed test,  High roll without going over wins. Critical on the actual score roll. Compare success levels to determine results (same success, +1, +2 , +3 and so on. both part fails or fumbles are fails or fumbles, not success) 

Hit location is determined by the losers die roll in the opposed test. So say party A wins with a roll of a 16, and the loser rolled a 13, the result would be a hit in the Right arm.

The part I am still working out is applying damage. I have two systems I am thinking of:

System A would reduce or raise the damage based on the difference in success.

Same success level = 1 HP + Damage bonus, if any 
+1 level = 1/2 rolled damage + Damage Bonus.
+2 levels = normal rolled damage + Damage Bonus.
+3 = Double damage + Damage Bonus.
+4 = Triple damage + Damage Bonus.
... and so on.
A Natural critical hit bypasses armor.

The second system is similar, but in stead of rolling damage, Take the maximum POSSIBLE damage of the weapon + Max damage bonus.  For example, 9 points for a Broadsword, and for demonstration purposes, say +4 HP for damage, giving 13 points. This method is crunchier on the front end, so You'd want to work the numbers out in advance.

Same level winner does 1/4 total damage (So for our broadsword wielding hero, 3 HP)
+1 level = 1/2 total damage. (7 HP)
+2 levels =  Max total damage. (13 HP)
+3 = Double total damage. (26 HP)
+4 = Triple total damage.  (39 HP)
... and so on.
A Natural critical hit bypasses armor.

In both cases, armor reduces damage.

An additional, and maybe more logical option is to limit total damage in either, to double max, regardless of total success.

The first option gives a wider swing of possible damages, but requires extra die rolls. The second method, determines, hit, hit location and damage with a single D20 roll. This can really simplify things, say in the case of a T-Rex who's bite does 1D10+12D6. So damage would be as follows: 20/41/82/164. Since a T-Rex is an animal it will never have a mastery level, so that would be the most damage it could ever obtain. It would also be near impossible for even a great hero to take down, but that's also true in normal RQ. However, a few levels of mastery, and some lucky rolls, the intrepid hero could whittle away at the  T-Rex and kill it. However a single wrong move, and you're a light snack.


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