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Black Roses online voice-chat OOC thread


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Here's a spot for us to get things running.

The lake had turned to blood this morning.

In fact, all the lands surrounding her home of youth had somehow changed.

And Sharney found herself waking in the nine hells...

The girl was on her elbows in the small confines of the hut, trying very feebly, to get up from the bloodied floor.

The nighthag stood on spindly legs above her, suddenly kicking viciously at the girl's face and shoulders.

For almost a full day the hag had tortured Sharney, laughing and crying manically at the damage it did to the girl's youthful body, and delighting at the fear it envoked.

"Uummm. Little witch wantss out mmm? Bloody the whore?"

"Goddddsss please noo oo!" the young girl whimpered again. The monsterous woman-thing grabbed her hair, twisted her face around and spat into it.

Holding her delicate body closely, it seemed to stare past the girl's now broken face and into her very soul, with its yellowed, calculating eyes.

Taking a moment to smile at the pitifull sight, the hag groaned, barred black teeth, and began to knaw gratingly upon the girl's forehead and cheekbones.

This game -in all likelihood- will be a one-nighter, and will be set in the Midnight campaing setting.

For obvious reasons, it will be an 'adult-only' venue.

Let's go with 1st level characters.


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I'm in. I can play Tuesday or Thursday next week. Weekends are much tougher for me, but if that works best for everyone else I may be able to play Friday or Sunday.

I'll try to follow up with character details once I've finished the skill portion.


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Reading a bit more of BRP while I wrap up the character.

One thing I noticed that I thought might be a good fit for Midnight is the Powers system relative to the Midnight Heoric Paths. When I thought of running Midnight, one thing I considered was keeping Heroic Paths unknown to the players. Each time they level, I'd reveal a new power from their path. I thought this would add some excitement to leveling in a very low magic world. The Powers system in BRP might fit perfectly.

Not sure this really falls into a one nighter, but something to consider if the game evolves. If you haven't read the overview on Heroic Paths, take a quick peak. I think they describe it as that little detail that sort of separates a PC from your average Joe Blow in Midnight.

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For spell caster professions:

Heroic: Your character will begin with six spells known

at INT x 1, and the ability to spend skill points on these

spells as above. The normal restrictions for having spells

in memory apply—all of the spells known are available in

the magician’s grimoire.

For all other characters wishing to use some magic:

In some settings, the gamemaster may allow non-magicians

(characters who have not undertaken formal

training in magic) to learn some magic spells. Such a

character does not know how to create or read a spell

book, does not know how to ready or dismiss spells, and

simply knows the spells he or she was taught. The nonmagician

character can know up to 1/4 his or her INT

(rounded down) in spell levels. These spells each begin

at an INT x 1 skill rating and take an amount of time

equal to 30 minus your character's INT in weeks to

learn. Non-magicians cannot research spells.

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I still have more BRP to read, but for now here's the character I've created. I may modify as I read more on the system.

Fred Hornshwaggle


STR 16

CON 13

POW 10

DEX 10

APP 10

INT 14

Size 9

43 years old. (rolled 23, added 20)

+1d4 damage modifier

11 Hit points.

major wound level 6

experience bonus = 7

movement = 10 units / round

Profession: Criminal


Bargain 5% + 15% = 20%

Hide 10% + 60% = 70%

Stealth 10% + 50% = 60%

Ride 5% + 5% = 10%

Brawl 25% + 25% = 50%

Insight 5% + 40% = 45%

Listen 25% + 25% = 50%

Melee Weapon (Staff) 1/4 staff 25% + 55% = 80%

Persuade 15% + 55% = 70%

Spot 25% + 35% = 60%

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I'm starting to feel a little pessimistic this will ever happen. Not looking like others are really watching this board.

Would be a shame as I really look forward to you running a game in this setting. Certainly no fault of yours if this hits the back burner again.

I'll keep checking in for the meantime.

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