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Dan Ruffolo

Mythras Imperative [FREE]

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Mythras Imperative: A short but sweet introduction to the Mythras Rules, and a big hit from customers looking to get into the Mythras gaming system. Here's what Brendan O had to say at Drivethrurpg:

"I have yet to actually run a game with the rules, but this quickstart did a phenomenal job of explaining the system in a quick, digestible fashion. I read the whole thing over several days on my phone while waiting in line, eating lunch, waiting for the elevator, etc. Even though I read Mythras Imperative in such a casual manner, I feel completely confident in my ability to run a game using the rules. Furthermore, this quickstart has convinced me to shell out for the complete Mythras core rules. I highly recommend Mythras Imperative if you are undecided on the system. It's free and explains the system with excellent clarity and reasonable brevity."

Check it out for FREE!

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