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RQG in hardback and leatherette now available from Chaosium.com

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And the system still want to bill me for shipping from the USA, despite UK being closest. I've typed the ZIP code in every possible different format but it doesn't change. Used pre-defined address or typed a completely new address. Doesn't work.

Edit: Ok, I finally got it working by changing all Swedish letters to English ones. I.e. å=a, ä=a and ö=o. Not ideal but it worked.

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On 10/1/2018 at 2:06 PM, PhilHibbs said:

Has anyone else noticed that the title on the cover is not centered? I suppose it is if you take the spine into account. Just... looks a little out of place to me.

I see it, now that you point it out.

But after some time squinting, and turning my head, and holding up a paper to block the fold at the spine, and generally acting OCD & goofy, I conclude that it's better as-is than it would be centered on just the flat cardboard, without regard to the spine.



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1 hour ago, creativehum said:

Is there any way to know when the second printing is the printing available for purchase?

it was mentioned that they will announce the availability of the new editions, but that will likely be early new year. 

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