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Family History : Umathela (First draft)

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I started to do a family history for characters in Umathela. Just the Grand-parent at the moment. But I'd like to have feed back from you before I go on.

1561 Grand-Parents were born

1585 Vadeli invasion
1-10 : Not present (nothing)
11-20 : Present

Sailor, Noble, priest, warrior : +5
1-10 : survived
11-15 : Killed. Hate (Vadeli)
16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, Honor passion, Loyaulty (country)  

1591 Umathela ruled by Vadeli
Slave : -5; noble, priest, .. +5
1-5 : Sacrificed to the Vadeli: Gain hate (Vadeli)
6-15 : normal year
16 : died of natural cause
17-20 : Made good business with Vadeli : Gain 1d6*100 L

1594 Battle of Oenriko Rocks
Komarkan, Sulauz, Humaz, Komarkan, Kallima : -5
1-10 : Not present (nothing)
11-20 : Present   

Sailor, Noble, priest : +5
1-10 : survived. if Cerngoth -> Expell Vadeli
11-15 : Killed. Hate (Kareeshtu)
16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, +5% Orate, Loyaulty (Country)  

1594 if Cerngoth Nikosdros : expel the vadeli garnison
1-18 : Survived. Withness Patriach gain power (Loyaulty (Patriarch))
19 : Died in battle
20 : Died with great glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation  

1-10 Normal year
11-15 Feud : You participated to a succesfful feud with one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...) You gain 1d6*100 L
16-20 Feud : You were victime of a feud from one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...). Hate (adversary)

All except Sulayz : +5
1-5 : Fight Mostali with Aldryami
6-15 : normal year
16-20 : participate to a Ceremony with Aldryami. Gain Devotion (Earth cult) if deity is Earth.

Fight against Mostali
1-10 : Survived
11-15 : Killed. Hate Mostali
16-20 : Killed with glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation


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Generally speaking the Vadeli didn't invade.  They overawed the populace by sailing on the Ocean and demanding to be worshipped as Gods.  Those who continued to dispute their divinity were killed.  So I would recast the first year as a choice being bowed down and worshipped the Vadeli and fled to the interior with death being a rare occurrence.  It is only through subsequent years that their greed becomes too much and the chance for death should rise.

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