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Out Now: Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

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With the release of Odd Soot, I realize how nominal the alien creation process has been to the book. Without my 'Frankenstein Gaze', the game would have been completely different. 
But also, by working in parallell as a writer and illustrator, the images became an indivisible part of the work. The images are rooted so deep in the game that they even forego the division between words and images. It all grew from my hands - words and images triggering each other in a massive creative spiral. 
Read more about The Soot here and how it fit into the design process of the game: http://out-now.strikingly.com/
Odd Soot is Finally Live!
I’m so happy to finally make Odd Soot available to everyone. This is the best game I’ve written and I really want you to be able to play it. 
This is what the early reviewers say: 


'Odd Soot is a fascinating and intriguing addition to the Mythras gaming stable that I would heartily recommend to all role-players who enjoy a world both familiar and yet very different to our own.’ 
David Munns
'Oh, shit. Haven't read it from A to Z, but I think I'm in love. Looks really neat!’  
Nils Hintze, Tales From The Loop
'This looks excellent […]; it creates a good mood, and there's a real sense of the setting, just from scanning through the rules. Looking forward to seeing this go live.’ 
Lawrence Whitaker, The Design Mechanism


Until Friday, the price is discounted by 15%
The book comes in two versions: Colour Print and PDF. It’s 270 pages of rules, setting, bestiary, scenario and GM's guidelines. The printed book is normally $31.95 while the PDF is $14.95.
Until Friday you get the print version for $27 and the PDF for $12.70. And as always, you get the PDF for free if you purchase the print version.
You can get both from DriveThruRPG:
And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Clarence Redd
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Odd Soot has been released and the reception has been fantastic. The game - and the aliens - are out in the wild, waiting for new mysteries. 

And that’s one of the cool things about writing RPGs - finishing a book is not the end of a story, it’s the beginning. Unlike most art forms, RPGs embrace readers as co-creators. 


What’s in the Book?

Odd Soot is 270 pages, a perfect bound softcover with 20+ images in colour. The book measures 8.5”x8.5”. 

The content includes:

- Character generation that integrates Circles and Relationship Maps, creating deep PCs.

- Alternate speed-creation of PCs. 

- Details on how The Soot affects PCs and NPCs with two connected mechanics; a Soot value and Peculiarities. 

- Extended Conflicts have been expanded to cover magic, difference engines and the handling of unknown technology.


- The setting describes the five intelligent alien species in detail, with behaviours, quirks and motivations.

- The fictional island of Doggerland and its capital Glimminge, starting points for the game, are portrayed in-depth. 

- The exo-planet Sisymbrium, housing The Sinking City and The Dream Library, is covered. 

- Exo-planet Vera Colony, gets a thorough description. 

- The major powers, like Skreeder Shamans, The Priests of Wittenberg and The Philosophy Engine are defined, their goals and methods explained. 

- Weird technology, both by aliens and the Soot-infected, is presented.

- Details on life in the alternate 1920s, including star liner travel and equipment, are included. 

- An introduction scenario - The Wayward Patient - set in Doggerland.


Discount Ends on Friday

Just a reminder that the 15% discount ends on Friday night, so you have two more days before it reverts to full price.

Full-colour print: $31.95  $27 

PDF: $14.95  $12.70

Buy from DriveThruRPG.

The PDF is included for free if you purchase a printed copy.

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