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RuneQuest Core Rules Questions I

Jason D

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This is a thread whose purpose is specifically to collate questions to (potentially) address in future Rune Fixes columns, or as official corrections

Please post your entries in the form of simple, direct questions, with page references if required.

I would like to ask that any arguments or complaints be taken elsewhere. 

Discussion of prior rules iterations (and preferences) are only useful when they shed insight on a question, not a statement like "This rule in RQX was better because...

For example: 


Question: I think there's a problem with Fireblade. It's an Active spell in RQ2 and a Passive spell in RQ3. With it as an Active spell in RQG, you can move only 4 meters per round and can't fight. Is this correct? 

Answer: It's a special case. When using Fireblade, you can move fully and attack (as a Passive spell) but must make a concentration roll (INTx3) if you take damage, cast another spell, are surprised, etc. as if Active. The .pdf and future printings have been adjusted to include language to this effect. 

Things I already recognize as desired subjects for such clarification: 

  • Two weapon combat as relating to Strike Ranks and skills over 100% 
  • Skills over 100% 
  • Subsequent parries in a round
  • Ties in opposed rolls 


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Adventurer Sheets v1.0.1

this contains the following minor changes:

  • Altered PARRY to SKILL on the Armour & Hit locations section
  • Added a check box to customs (local)
  • Updated the copyright date to from 2018 to 2020
  • Added v1.0.1 to the bottom of each sheet
  • Changed the filename from Character Sheet to Adventurer Sheets & added 1.0.1. Adventurer sheet is used throughout RQG and character sheet never.

You can get it here

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On 10/1/2020 at 7:55 PM, Baron Wulfraed said:

Experience Rolls (page 415)...

On 10/1/2020 at 7:55 PM, Baron Wulfraed said:

If the roll, as modified by the appropriate skills category modifier, is higher than the adventurer’s current skill ability, the adventurer improves their rating in that skill. A modified roll of 100 or more is always a success—as a result, adventurers can improve most abilities beyond 100%.

Does "current skill ability" mean the effective %ile (what would be scored as a success when using the skill -- ie; includes the category modifier) or does it mean the skill core %ile without the category modifier?

Without the category modifier.

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