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RuneQuest Bestiary Corrections Thread - PDF 11 Oct 2018

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Thanks, all!

Printers hate it when we switch out too many pages, and it creates the margin of error, so we've at this point triaged edits into "edits we absolutely have to make" and "glitches we can cover in an errata sheet." 

Anything coming in beyond this is grist for an errata page, but the print edit window is officially closed.  


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1 hour ago, Jason Durall said:

I might be missing something here. 

195+200=395, averaged is 197.5, which rounds up to 198. 

200+205=405, averaged is 202.5, which rounds up to 203. 

Are you objecting to the rounding up of fractions? Or picking an average value within the range? 


The poster is suggesting some corrected text. Right now the text on p.73 says that an average male dark troll is 185-190cm tall, and an average female 190-195cm tall.

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2 hours ago, Jason Durall said:

The average of 1D6 is 3.5, rounded up to 4. 

The average of a 1D6 stat is always written as "3-4", not just "4", so the average of 1-4 D6 should be 3-14. The POW stat gets this right, but the MP is wrong.

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