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Did I get it right? (Illumination)

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Zenith is a fixed body in the southern sky, below the tilting Sky Dome. From the map in the Guide, it sits close to the central north/south axis near the Southpath. I think it should really sit in the western quadrant of the southern sky rather than the eastern, probably a transcription mistake since the sky is viewed from below, whereas the position of Zenith would match Magnetic Mountain on the God Learner maps.

It should be possible to navigate the Sky Dome and get close to Zenith, then switch over, but such sky wanderings are a pretty high level of heroquesting. Hitching a ride on the Twin Stars might be a good way.

Zenith is not in any way the zenith of the Sky Dome as we understand it. That would be Pole Star, at least at the equinoxes.


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Ah, gotcha, thanks.

Isn't the Pole Star the center of the *rotation* of the sky dome, and wouldn't this be slightly off-tilt? I'll admit my knowledge of this is sketchy.

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The Sky Dome does rotate around Pole Star, which never leaves the north-south axis. In Midsummer it reaches its northernmost angle before Kalikos pushes the sky back, and in Midwinter it effects the skyspill into the Nargan Sea and beyond. All of this is in the Guide, p.644.

It isn't entirely clear whether day length and sky tilt angle are directly linked or only somewhat in synch. Lightfore's antics are fairly hasty in summer and take their time in winter. Yelm's more or less stately travel across the sky draws similar traces into the sky, although on a different path than Lightfore half a year later.

There is comparatively little Chaos left in the sky. The Dark Spot and Bakoka are the ones I can count off right now, without looking everything up. But then Orlanth had his only major victory in battle over Chaos in the sky.


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