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contents of Pirates&Dragons (d100)?

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I'm looking for some resources for a d100 campaign-idea of mine, and suspect P&D might have a LOT of what I want.  But is ISN'T the game I want; I don't want to buy it for itself, but to either mine for content -- in the venerable FrankenBRP tradition -- or if close-enough to reskin the fluff and use the rest mostly as-is.

But if it's NOT the content I want, then I can't reskin what isn't there...  So, probably, it's not my "buy" product.   😞                                                                                                           

How comprehensive are the ships' rules?  How well is "naval combat" supported?  Different classes of ship?  Could I run, e.g. the sea-going combat-scenes from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ?  Ship-v-ship?  Chases?  Boarding actions?  Etc .  (yes, I do know of Chaosium's Blood Tide, and it's also on my list to consider ... Likewise TDM's Ships&Shieldwalls, but that's much more ancient than I want ... Any other d100esque resources I should consider?)

And yes, I also DO want dragons.  So, same-ish question -- how much variety to be had in P&D dragons?  Size?  Do they have D&Desque varied "breathweapons"?

Possibly most challenging -- are there decent dragon-vs-dragon aerial combat rules?  (I'm guessing not; tactical aerial combat is notoriously tough to do in RPG).  What about dragons vs ships?  Flying is enough faster than sailing that I'm not sure this NEEDS special rules, just consider it like dragons attacking targets on the ground (only they can't land to claw/claw/bite (unless small enough to land on the ship with all its rigging)).  And again, I've got tooley1chris' "BDBoM" with its plethora of dragons, so there's THAT; but no actual MECHANICS for aerial combat, etc ...

Anyone got other pointers for me?

Many Thanks!

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