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The City That Thieves 2.0

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I am making revisions to this campaign, though the basic premise remains basically the same:

The city of Hwnburg is a taker. Born under its banner your own fate is wrapped up in its story and that of the world around it as both fall into a new age.

Cultures / Races

  • Sea People
  • Horse Folks
  • Red Elves
  • Laandfolk
  • Raiders


Characters are minor (or middling) "princes" (any gender) of a House (Merchant, Noble, Councillor, Dueling, or Outsider Band) who spend their days fighting duels and settling feuds for their sponsors. Sponsors are not the same as their own house (necessarily), so this will create some politics. As the houses and the fortunes of the city grow more dim, the once proud princes also learn skills (Occupations) aside from killing one another.  There will be rules for House and Sponsor creation and more room for having adventures outside of the city itself. 

Hwnburg itself will still play a significant role in the characters lives. 


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I should have more soon and I am hoping to have a guide by February or so, depending on other projects and work

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