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47 minutes ago, measuredrums said:

Hey there good Chaosium folks ... Rick last posted in August that the new Credo was finished and ready for printing ... Are you any further in the process now that it's mid-October? Champing at the bit for this ... Also, are you still going to Kickstart it?



We are doing Pedro Ziviani's Red Thread of Fate first, then Credo. We will probably Kickstart it.

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Hey Chaosium Intelligentsia! ... Time for my, what now seems to be, annual request for a Credo! update. Last post from MOB, a year ago, said 'Red: Thread of Fate' then Credo (KS?) ... 'R:ToF' has been out awhile ... so, Credo! soon? ... Rick M. stated it was ready for the printer a year and a quarter ago:

On 8/13/2019 at 11:08 AM, Rick Meints said:

The game is finished and ready for printing.

Any news/update will be appreciated ... Thanks gang!


p.s. Please don't let the update be that it's been cancelled .... extreme disappointment will follow if so :( 

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53 minutes ago, measuredrums said:

'R:ToF' has been out awhile ...

Actually, it's been shelved since March 2020...


...things being what they are worldwide.  So, Credo?  I keep hoping my old wine-stained copy will turn up in the meantime.


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